Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Volleyball League

Summer is here (kinda?) and so is beach volleyball! I'm excited to start up a new season next week. I don't know any of my teammates, so it'll be interesting to see what kind of level of play they're at. It is a rec league, so fun is the most important part anyway.

North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

I joined my first beach league last year and had an awesome time. Since I wasn't able to form my own team, I signed up as an individual player. Only 2 people on the team knew each other, so we were dubbed Team Indy. Interestingly enough, although we lost a couple of the first games, we ended up sweeping the number 1 seed team in the finals and making it to the Championships! It was a grueling last game where we lost the first match, won the second match and lost the third match by 1 point! Still pretty good for a bunch of strangers!

View from Castaways at North Ave Beach

If you haven't signed up, hurry up and check out what's available at In addition to volleyball, they have a variety of other sports including dodgeball, outdoor soccer and even cornhole.

Play hard. Summer isn't here forever!