Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 1 - Day 7: Rest

Well, the schedule calls for a rest day. 

But instead, I went ahead and did Combat 30: Kickstart. There were a couple reasons: 1) I really wanted to work out; and 2) as the day will be hectic, I may take my rest tomorrow. Just an ol' switcheroo. 

Heart Rate Monitor numbers

Again, my numbers were a little better for this same workout. 

And this marks the end of Week 1. I am seeing some definition in the arms. Would like to see that continue and start focusing more on the core and legs. 

Week 1

Week 1 - Day 6: Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter

Another set with the cardio disc. Good news is I improved my performance with increased calorie burn, average heart rate and maximum heart rate. 

Heart Rate Monitor numbers

Week 1 - Day 5: Shock Plyo HIIT 2

Meh. I didn't even burn 300 calories in the 30 minutes. Was a little bit disappointed by that. I think it has to do with the level of modification I was doing. My hope is that next week, I'll step it up a notch. 

Heart Rate Monitor numbers

Week 1 - Day 4: Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter

Sixty minutes of cardio fun. This was a decent workout. I must say I feel like I could have probably done something more intense than this. Maybe I'm used to Plyo X from P90X (which has been the only workout where I've burned over 1,000 calories in one hour). 

All in all, though, this is a great routine. My goal is to work on defining my abs. Cardio is key in burning off the fat that is covering my abdominal muscles.

Week 1 - Day 3: Combat 45: Power Kata

Oh snap. Power Kata introduces a few new moves beyond jab, cross, uppercut and hook. The street brawl downward punch is downright nasty. You feel like you're kicking ass. Mainly your own. I really liked this workout.

Heart Rate Monitor numbers

Week 1 - Day 2: Power HIIT 1

Damn! No more punching and kicking. This workout is awesome resistance training. You will need weights (dead-lifts, squats, power cleans, and power presses). You also get to do fun stuff like push-ups, burpees, plyo lunges, jump squats. You finish with some core moves. 

I did not do burpees and I modified the plyo lunges. 

Heart Rate Monitor numbers

Week 1 - Day 1: Combat 30

Annnnd we're off! Started Combat.

This is a great short workout. Lots of punching and kicking. Lots of soreness in the obliques. That means something is working. 

Heart Rate Monitor numbers