How is it different?

If you've ever had Slim Fast or Muscle Milk, you know what a meal replacement shake is. Shakeology is on a different level. It's not just a protein shake. It's not part of a liquid-only diet. Shakeology contains over 70 natural ingredients including super foods from around the world

My testimonial 

I've been drinking Shakeology since November 2010. Before that, my diet consisted of coffee and donuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and takeout for dinner. The extent of my physical activity was getting up off the couch to go to the fridge. I had reached my highest weight ever. None of my clothes fit. Buttons were popping off and holes were appearing in my jeans where holes should not be. I was frustrated with the way I felt inside and the way I looked outside.

Within 1 month, my eating habits changed drastically. I cut out the junk and started eating more natural foods. The cravings were subsiding, and I was more conscious about my decisions. Within 2 months, I started exercising. Within 3 months, I had dropped 15 points and a few dress sizes. Most importantly, I felt amazing, energetic and like a completely different person.

Shakeology continues to be my breakfast of choice most mornings. I made it convenient for myself by keeping a mini personal blender at work. It takes less than 5 minutes to full the tumbler with water, a little ice, some peanut butter and a scoop of the Chocolate Shakeology powder. Then I drink it at my desk as I get started on my day. 

Does it taste like powdered death?

No. It tastes pretty flippin' fantastic. Just be sure to blend it well. Regular Chocolate is my favorite flavor. I blend it with peanut butter and am good to go. Vegans will be glad to know that they are able to have the Tropical flavor and Vegan Chocolate. 

Greenberry kind of tastes like powdered death. Just a personal opinion.

Why is it soooo expensive?

This is the question I get asked most often. Let's be real. After April 1st, a bag of 30 servings will cost $129. However, if you sign up for Home Direct (HD) in March or if you are already on HD, you will be grandfathered into the $119 price - so long as you don't cancel HD.

The cost breakdown is just over $4 per serving. That's a meal for $4. If you are spending less than $4 on a meal, then continue with your current plan and save that money, honey. But we can all agree that a $1 McDouble or a 25-cent packet of ramen is just plain terrible for you.

One person told me Shakeology was too expensive for her. She later came back from Chipotle with a $7 burrito bowl and a $2 Diet Coke. True story.

How do I get it?

Read more *here*, watch the videos and decide for yourself whether you're ready to give it a try. Be sure to share this information with your doctor if you have any concerns about allergies, your health or if you are on any medications.

What if I'm not crazy about it?

Beachbody has an "empty bag" policy on Shakeology. You have up to 30 days to try it. If you don't like it, you just contact Beachbody, mail them the bag (even if empty) and get a refund (minus shipping and handling). That's the guarantee. 

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